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On The Wise Use of the Noble Purpose Archetype Assessment

Each of the Noble Purpose archetypes symbolizes a unique and fundamentally generative dimension of humanity. No archetypal form is better than another. They are all essentially beneficial. All humans possess characteristics of all of these archetypes, and we tend to have an orientation toward or a preference for one or more archetype over others.

Archetypes represent a primal energy or power we can always tap into. Consider: what energies do you need at this time in your life, given your particular life/work challenges? Connect or embrace the appropriate archetype, tapping into its power.

Each of the Noble Purpose archetypes will be discussed more fully in the following pages. The Noble Purpose Assessment will be provided to discern your individual archetypal orientation. The purposes of the Noble Purpose Assessment:

  • to value your differences and unique qualities;
  • to determine ways to leverage and synergize your archetypal qualities with others; and
  • to understand the counterproductive tendencies, as well as strengths, associated with your archetypae.

    We urge you to celebrate differences that you discern in others, avoiding stereotyping. Please treat the Noble Purpose Assessment numerical results cautiously. Rely on your judgment of which archetype[s] is most nearly like you based upon the Noble Purpose Archetype Descriptions that follow the Assessment. Please be aware that your work or life setting greatly influences your archetype, so before you begin the Assessment, narrow the setting [we recommend that you take the Assessment with your current work assignment in mind]. Also, be aware that over time your archetypal preferences are not static, they are dynamic, and may change in light of changes within you and/or your life.

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