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Background about the Noble Purpose Archetype Assessment

An archetype is an essential pattern, invisible field, or prototype that informs behavior and values, actions and reactions. It is present in the conscious and subconscious reality of human beings. These patterns are manifested in stories that you tell about yourself. Each quality of the Noble Purpose Spiral has its own unique archetypal form, as follows:

The archetype for Initiating is the Sower, who eagerly plants seeds deep within the earth with an abiding sense of the perfection of things. The Sower reveres the flowering of trust and belonging.

The archetype for Visioning is the Prophet, who is essentially focused on revealing the unseen and manifesting the new. The Prophet archetype sees through what appears impervious to discover exactly what is needed and wanted.

The archetype for Claiming is the Protector, who fundamentally wants to ensure results. The Protector rigorously safeguards the accomplishment of what needs to be done - in order to achieve desired intended ends.

The archetype for Celebrating is the Appreciative Elder, who routinely acknowledges the good in everything. The image of the Appreciative Elder is one who, over time, comes to respect, and gives expression, to the inherent goodness in everything.

The archetype for Letting Go is the Alchemist, who fully expresses what needs to be said, creating a new reality. The Alchemist transforms reality, mysteriously changing base metal to gold. It exemplifies the power of transformation resulting from saying what needs to be said, hearing others, magically clearing the air, releasing any need for power and control.

The archetype for Noble Purpose is the Servant, who fundamentally cares about honoring and contributing to others. The Servant, especially as described in Hesse's Journey to the East and Greenleaf's The Servant Leader, suggests the nature of preeminent concern with the welfare and growth of self and others.

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