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1. Why is finding your purpose so elusive, for even the most accomplished persons?

Though others may see you as creative and accomplished, sometimes you may feel disconnected from your passion and purpose. Purpose, Noble Purpose, is still alive within you, but you lose touch with it. Your purpose is expressed in every part of your life, at work, at home, with friends, family, and strangers.

When you’re in touch with your purpose and passion, you feel powerful, enabled, even ennobled, but when you become disconnected from that spark inside you, you feel powerless, almost helpless, less than, and not enough.

Perhaps you’ve looked in the wrong places, tried to do the wrong things. You try logic, reason and analysis to reconnect with your Noble Purpose: you try to work harder , better, more efficiently—and none of this works either; in fact, it takes you further away from what you’re searching for. So, what will work?

Noble Purpose is a process that reconnects you with who you uniquely, essentially are, and the Noble Purpose Spiral illustrates your pathway back to the source of your lost passion and purpose. You may rediscover long-standing goals and dreams or envision new ones that better fit who you have become.

2. How does Noble Purpose respond?

The Noble Purpose spiral provides you with a map — clear, actionable steps giving you remarkable access to your purpose, to what you can do in your life. Doing the exercises, listening to and sharing with others in your group, and being mentored by facilitators who know the territory, you begin to realize what you are capable of creating in the world. What this process does is to break through old, static ways of thinking and reacting, giving you the vision and freedom to change your concept of reality. Descartes said “I think, therefore I am” — when the perception changes, so does the reality. The process, learning how to navigate and use the Noble Purpose spiral, can be approached through a variety of programs: gateways, in-person groups and teleworkshops are designed and scheduled to fit into the lives of working people.

3. Can I count on Noble Purpose to assist me?

Since 1992 Noble Purpose Partners have facilitated extraordinary purpose with tens of thousands of individuals in organizations like AT&T, General Motors, NCR, Volkswagen of America, and the American Red Cross. Noble Purpose grows out of the best research on generating extraordinary results, leading to this record of achievement globally. Through Noble Purpose you realize purpose and reconnect to your most passionate, fulfilled self.

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The Noble Purpose Handbook

Igniting Extraordinary Passion for Life and Work – is a large format, 8 1/2 x 11” soft cover, enhanced, workshop version of the original hard cover Noble Purpose book. The large format handbook, published by Noble Purpose Partners, was specifically designed for use in various courses of the Noble Purpose Program.
Price: $19.95 (Plus $4.00 Handling. Shipping is calculated in the Shopping Cart)

How to Get Started:

Introduction to Noble Purpose (Formerly Noble Purpose 1), Igniting Your Purpose — You and a dozen or so colleagues, guided by trained Noble Purpose Learning Facilitator, participate in five one-hour telephonic sessions for five consecutive days. Throughout the intervening 24 hours you intend states of consciousness identified in the Noble Purpose Spiral, opening to a breathtaking experience of your essence and purpose in life and work.
Tuition: Value $250

How to Embody Noble Purpose in Your Life

The Noble Purpose Deepening Experience – You feel the internal call to actively bring Noble Purpose to all dimensions of your work and life. Through the Noble Purpose Deepening Experience you do this either by 1. Deepening your work with Noble Purpose in your chosen profession and personal life and/or by 2. Becoming a Noble Purpose Learning Facilitator. The Noble Purpose Learning Facilitator is a person committed to, and trained in, facilitating Noble Purpose in the life and work of others. Over the course of this four-month telecourse you complete all requirements from your home or office. You become proficient in “living” the Noble Purpose Spiral in your life and work. Those who choose to become certified as Noble Purpose Learning Facilitators receive additional support in facilitating Noble Purpose experiences.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Noble Purpose.
Tuition: $1500
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How to Sustain Your Path to Noble Purpose

The Noble Purpose Membership – You achieve access to a variety of subscription services and resource provided through the Noble Purpose web page. These resources support you in fulfilling and sustaining your purpose in the world. These Noble Purpose Membership services foster communities of support for your ongoing renewal and sustenance of Noble Purpose. Other membership benefits include daily Noble Purpose email messages; live telephonic Clinics with the author and Noble Purpose leaders; the Noble Spirit Newsletter, poetry, music, and art work to reinforce your purpose; Noble Purpose Coaching; and periodic discounts to international meetings of Noble Purpose facilitators and clients and other advanced Noble Purpose offerings.
Membership: $120 annually. Please note that this is currently in development and not yet available.

How to Foster Extraordinary Purpose in Organizations

The Noble Purpose Organizational Facilitation Certification – You become proficient in facilitating a proven process for fostering extraordinary organization purpose and spirited, high performance. The four-day, in-person, Noble Purpose Organizational Facilitation Certification is designed for team and organization leaders and internal and external organization consultants. The Certification consists of a model two-day workshop experience followed by comprehensive Facilitator/Consultant training in facilitating extraordinary organization purpose in the context of spirited team and organization. As a result of participating in the Certification you become familiar with a wide range of resources that foster individual and team spirit and inspired purpose.
Prerequisite: The Noble Purpose Deepening Experience.
Tuition: $2500
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How to Be a Leader for Noble Purpose in the World

The Noble Purpose Associate Program – You may be among the few who are called to provide leadership for Noble Purpose in the world. In the Noble Purpose Associate Program you are prepared to train Noble Purpose Learning Facilitators, through The Noble Purpose Deepening Experience, and/or to train Noble Purpose Organizational Facilitators, through The Noble Purpose Organizational Facilitation Certification. The Noble Purpose Associate Program encompasses one-on-one direct interaction, co-facilitation, and coaching with a Senior Noble Purpose Associate.
Prerequisite: The Noble Purpose Deepening Experience.
Faculty: Barry Heermann, Jennifer Cash O’Donnell, Jim Stuart
Program begins February 26, 2007
Tuition: $3500

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