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“The Noble Purpose Teleworkshop was overflowing with profound insight and wisdom and yet it employed simple, intuitive exercises that made an important difference in my life. I have been taking courses that explore spiritual themes for over 10 years, and what I loved about the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop is that, unlike some more esoteric offerings, it could be applied so simply in my life. The Noble Purpose Teleworkshop summarize the most pertinent and meaningful insights, in conjunction with powerful activities, all focused on living one’s life on purpose. The real learning comes from engaging the process and doing the deepening activities that are so brilliantly designed. My Learning Facilitator’s tender and gentle spirit embraced all of my colleagues and I participating in our Noble Purpose Teleworkshop.”

-- Jennifer Blalock, Chanay, France

“In the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop I discovered that there was something magical about the Noble Purpose spiral – as it connects, magically, two levels of being not normally connected. In moving from "Initiating" through "Letting Go," the energy of Noble Purpose actually unfolds, spirals, facilitating a surfacing of unconscious patterns, which have blocked the way toward living a fully purpose-inspired life. The spiral also creates a container which holds the process of participants in a loving and supportive manner based in full acknowledgment of each person's innate ability to heal and grow.”

-- Erin Palmer, Carmel, CA

“The other day, I was driving on my way to a meeting - amazed at all the synchronicity that has been revealing itself in my life since taking the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop. As I was reflecting, I began to doubt that it was real. Little thoughts crept into my head, "it just can't be this good." I began to try to convince myself that I was just being taken for a ride. I was having a hard time trusting myself, the universe and those leading the process. Just then, I made a left turn and was faced with a large bill board which stated, "What made Ghandi Ghandi? ...Soul." I realized that was the gift. Connection to my soul. The realization was special as well because I think for the first time I am starting to let go of deeper self doubts, and for the first time, really trust the process of self discovery. We can all be Ghandi - if that's what we're here to do!”

-- Susan Cedar, Seattle, WA

“The Noble Purpose Teleworkshop was exceptional. Over the course of the week-long teleworkshop, I moved from uncertainty and seeking, to direction, joy, calmness, and profound appreciation. A significant bond was formed among the Learning Facilitator and all participants, which added further depth to the experience. I looked forward to the call each day to share thoughts about the Noble Purpose process as it unfolded in my work the day before.

Noble Purpose has filled my life with passion, purpose, productivity, and serenity. I highly recommend the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop to any individual seeking personal and/or professional vitality and fulfillment.”

-- Marsha Snyder, MD, Bethlem, PA

“You have no idea how wonderful the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop was for me. It brought my recent spiritual and personal focus to a remarkable turning point. The quote from George Bernard Shaw says it all. I know that I am being used for a purpose that is a mighty one, a force of nature to be contended with, and I am a humble servant of the overall community and intend to live that way, improving myself as a the journey continues. It rings so true for me. Thank you for inspiring, affirming, and deepening my understanding of my Noble Purpose.”

-- Anita Bolton, Nashville, TN

”Participating in the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop helped me move from cynicism to faithfulness, through the vehicle of connection. I now know, at an even deeper level, that it doesn't matter that you are alone. What does matter is that when you are connected, everything matters. My work with Noble Purpose helped create that connection for me.”

-- Dr. Jude Gladstone Cade, San Diego, CA

“Out of my participation in the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop miracles have occurred. I had been ‘stuck’ in my life, between caring for my parents, on one hand, while, on the other hand, being called to my significant other who lived in another part of the country. Identifying and working on a few areas in the Noble Purpose Spiral led to my solidifying my commitment to my significant other, who agreed to move to the city where I live, and, in a matter of days, finding the home of our dreams, while continuing to take care of my mom and dad. I am grateful to all of my partners in the Noble Purpose Teleworkshop and to those who made Noble Purpose available to me.”

-- Lyn Palazzolo, Cincinnati, OH

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