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About Noble Purpose

What motivates you to show up for work? Is there more waiting for you at the end of a 40-hour work week than simply a paycheck? Do you embrace your work life or are you merely laying low until retirement? Purpose lies within each one of us, just the way we are. Your actions, deeds and even words may make a difference for not only family, friends and co-workers but, in some cases, the entire world.

When you are connected to your Noble Purpose you gain access to a deeper knowledge of yourself and a wider dimension of your gifts. Alignment of who you are in the world with your unique gifts, allows you to make important contributions, regardless of the scale, to others. You are simultaneously “freed up”, leaving you with unbounded joy, aliveness, and accomplishment.

Revealing Meaning and Purpose
in Your Life and Work

Noble Purpose is a book and it is a curriculum. At the heart of both the Noble Purpose Curriculum and the book is the Noble Purpose Spiral, identifying six pathways to Noble Purpose.

Initial praise for the Noble Purpose Book and initial praise for the Noble Purpose Curriculum suggest the importance of this new work to the evolution of purpose in individuals, organizations, and the planet. A sample chapter from the book provides a hint of the nature of the book. The author of the Noble Purpose book and the creator of the Noble Purpose Curriculum is Barry Heermann.

The Noble Purpose Spiral consists of six pathways to unlock the door to your gifts and talents. Persons who have a profound sense of their Noble Purpose regularly and routinely, whether conscious or not, connect with this process. As a result of accessing this process they tend to be evolving and expanding versus constricting and opposing. They have access to their inner strengths, unselfconsciously transforming the resources available to them into creative new potentialities. By attending to this process you are able to connect with your energy, brilliantly creating in the world. The six qualities of the Noble Purpose Spiral:

The six qualities of the Noble Purpose Spiral are in effect pathways. These pathways lead you to a “clearing,” away from the hustle and bustle of your life. It is a clearing within you. The clearing is a space wherein you come to terms with who you are, returning to your essential self. In this space or clearing you purge yourself of toxicities that interfere with experiencing your Noble Purpose; you release the old, dysfunctional, automatic response patterns and rigidities of the Bounded Self, gaining access to your essential self and the instinctive knowing that allows you to move mountains.

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